Power Transformers & Load Banks

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NES Hire not only provide power generation solutions we have a range of transformers & load banks for all applications

  • All our transformers are open and fully integrated with switchgear and protection functions; all are multi tap allowing a wide range of use across industry, utilities, construction and food and beverage.
  • Load Banks -We have the solutions and experience to test your equipment under load and for testing synchronised, load sharing equipment ensuring you have the correct load to suit your requirements.

Transformer 50kVA: Single Phase, 400 – 230V
Transformer 75kVA: 3 Phase, 400 – 220V
Transformer 100kVA: 3 Phase, 400 – 1000V
Transformer 2000kVA: 3 Phase, 400 – 11000V
Transformer 11kV: No Switch or Switched Phase, 400 – 11000V