Portable Power Distribution Nomads

  • Portable power distribution systems provide temporary power solutions for your project.
  • Each unit is supplied with a range of outlets to suit most requirements from single phase, 230V to
    3 phase, 400V outlets.
  • All our socket outlets are RCCB protected to provide personal safety protection.
  • We stock a wide range of leads and cable sets in various lengths and sizes to complete the portable power system.
  • We have qualified Electricians on site to customise leads and cable sets to suit your specific requirements.
  • In addition to our extensive range of power leads, we stock all makes of electrical connections including PDL, CEE-form and cable terminated with lugs.
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  • 10 Amp Nomad Power Unit
  • 32 Amp Nomad Power Unit
  • 63 Amp Nomad Power Unit

Each Nomad can be interconnected together providing a flexible system handling the most demanding of sites.