Flygt BS2125 Submersible Pump

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  • Motor: 8.0 kW, 2800 rpm
  • Max. Power Input: 9.5 kW
  • Weight MT: 83 kg
  • Weight HT: 92 kg
  • Max. Height: 710 mm
  • Max. Width MT: 485/515/535 mm
  • Max. Width HT: 465 mm
  • Hose Size HT: 75 mm
  • Hose Size MT: 150 mm


  • Dewatering of underground or open-pit mines and quarries
  • Lowering water tables, dewatering groundwater or storm water and temporary dewatering and pumping tasks
  • Duties such as tailing ponds at power stations, pumping industrial wastewater and transferring ship ballast water
  • Emergency drainage, ground or storm water removal and emptying tanks or sumps ahead of schedule