Generator Hire


Our generators range from 20kva to 1450kva. The fleet of generators has increased to meet the varying demands of our clients. All of our fleet is serviced regularly and for quality assurances, are checked over before going out to site and on arrival back in our yards.

For ease of arrival on site for some of our smaller generators, we have from 20kva to 100kva generators on trailers. These are often used to run smoko rooms, welders or small events. We can easily deliver these with our utes, or can be collected by the client.

The range of skid or container sets start at 30kva up to 1450kva.

Whether your requirement is for standby emergency power, peak loading or main power generation, please contact us for prices which vary according to length of rental and hours used Multiple generators can be connected together to meet larger power demands.

We also have a small range of lighting solutions, both free standing plug in sets to self-powered sets.


Generator Selection

The generator size must be equal or greater than the total consumption of all applications. Higher starting requirement must be taken into account accordingly. To maximise the generator potential, the largest electrical motor should be started on its own and further appliances should only be switched on thereafter.

Our customers have a wide variety of applications requiring temporary or standby power, be it short or long term. We work with you to develop a solution to best suit your requirements; therefore, we are available at a time that best suits you.

To complement the generators we have a wide range of leads and distribution gear to suit your needs!



Power Calculator

Ext LeadsPhaseLength
10 Amp 1 25m
32 Amp 3 12.5m and 25m
63 Amp 3 25m
Cable SetsLength
35mm (<125KVA) 12.5m and 25m
120mm (<350KVA) 12.5m and 25m
120mm x 2 sets (<600KVA) 12.5m or 25m
240mm (<600KVA) 12.5m and 25m
240mm x 2 sets (<1000KVA) 12.5m or 25m
240mm x 3 sets (<1250KVA) 12.5m or 25m




Nomad systems. Provide a temporary power solution for construction sites and outdoor events. Each product has the flexibility to interconnect with any of the other products in the range or to be used as a stand-alone power centre, single phase outlets for power tools, lighting or other 230v devices or a combination of three phase 400v outlets for welders.

Nomad 63 - The Nomad 63 provides the main 63A distribution hub for the system and can be interconnected with the Nomad 63, and/or Nomad 32 products or used alone providing a flexible system able to cope with large multi story construction sites, outdoor events, or smaller single level building projects and are provided with 14 x Single phase, 2 x 3 Phase and 3 Interconnection Socket Outlets to cope with varying site requirements. The Socket Outlets are RCCB protected

Nomad 32 - The Nomad 32 is the smaller 32a version of the Nomad 63 and used as a stand-alone distribution centre or interconnected to the Nomad 63 providing a flexible system for any construction site, outdoor or trade event and are provided with 9 x single phase, 1 x 3 phase. Interconnection socket outlets to suit most applications. The socket outlets are RCCB protected.
Variable Speed Drives, Soft starters, DOL Starters – A wide variety of starters and VSD units are available for hire. These are used as protection between a power source and submersible pumps. The size again varies with the size pump needed.